Why You Should Come Hunt!

On top of having some of the best accommodations in lodging, meals, and a great time. We offer some of the most premiere whitetail and exotic hunting in Texas. Our spacious ranch is home to some of the finest genetics you will find. So, what are you waiting for? Come on!

Alright, I am ready!

Whitetail Hunts in South Texas

Congratulations, you’ve just found the best little hidden place in Cuero, TX – especially for Big Whitetails and big hospitality. We’ve got any hunting situation prepared for your arrival. We love our big spacious blinds for rifle hunts and we also love our bowhunting pop up blinds to get you in really close.

Even Exotics!

We’ve got you all set on exotics, so if it’s not the fall and you want to come hunt – bring it on! We’d love to have you out to chase some exotics from all over the world on our slice of South Texas!

Some BIG Highlights

Tierra de Dios Ranch

Tierra de Dios Whitetail Hunting Ranch was established in December 2012 by Jeff McMahan when he decided to turn his passion for hunting into the ultimate hunting experience in South Texas.

Our high-fenced ranch focuses on whitetail deer. Hunters can expect to see management deer from the 130s to trophy in excess of 230 B&C. Guide services will be provided, but at our discretion, not mandatory.

We welcome hunters of all ages & experience levels!

Ram takes on Big Buck!

This ranch is home to the “Chivo the Great” ram that decided he wanted to try to take on a big whitetail. This rare footage was captured by Justin Wegner, of Hunting Product Guru and HPG Media

He vividly can remember the evening in the blind. “It was all so normal. Except when the Ram stepped out and was feeling a little feisty that evening. I KNEW that I just captured some rare footage on Tierra de Dios Ranch”.